WIZT — Professional Home Organization with Augmented Reality & AI

Bojan Savikj
2 min readMay 16, 2019

Wouldn’t you love to be more organized? The problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get your life together. It’s easy to spend on your free time trying to build up good habits only to slip back into old, bad ones. So it might be time for you to try using an app to help boost your productivity by getting more organized. Organizational apps can help you build better systems and habits to make you more productive in almost any facet of your life.

What is WIZT?

We’ve scouted the Google Play Store for a useful app to present to you today. That’s how we discovered WIZT, your all-in-one home inventory app. The app’s main idea is to help you organize and track every item in your home inventory. With it you can easily record, describe, tag and always know where every item is. Plus it is designed with intuitive user interface which provides seamless user experience.

Why use WIZT?

WIZT is a simple, yet powerful home inventory app for you to locate, tag and take photos of your personal belongings. You will never have to ask the question “Where is it?” again with WIZT. This revolutionary app will change the way you organize and track every item in your home inventory. Record, describe, tag and always know where every item is! The app is rich-features and multifunctional, so let’s talk more about its features and how to make use of them.

WIZT allows you to create labels for any item and personal belongings in your home. Just tap on the “+” in the middle and enter the required info in minutes. Take a photo, add description, location and tags and never lose anything. You can upload AR digital sticker to quickly track and locate where your items are, use a search feature to overview and get the location of any item, plan your inventory storing with its advanced floor plan feature, share an item location with your family or friends when you are not at home, etc.

Get the WIZT app today for free from Google Play and say yes to a professional home organization! Don’t forget — it’s coming on the App Store soon!

Official Website: WIZT

Google Play Download Link: WIZT



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