Story Compass is a Writing Utility That is “Godsend from the Writing Gods!” & Now It Finally Has Android Version

Bojan Savikj
2 min readDec 5, 2017

If you are a screenwriter, aspiring screenwriting, student, teacher, or basically a writing enthusiast, you are going to thank me after reading this article. The reason is simple: this writing utility is amazing and exceptionally unique.

“Godsend from the Writing Gods!”

This is one of the user’s reviews that maybe perfectly describes the usefulness and greatness of this writer’s utility. Its iOS version has almost perfect rating & now the app is finally available for Android.

When you start using the app, be sure to see the tutorial first because you might not get the app instantly or might not get all the powerful features it offers. See the tutorial here.

At its core, Story Compass is a writer’s utility that guides you through the structure of a screenplay in a neat circle. The app has a timing function to evaluate films in real time to see how filmmakers execute the turning points of a story — giving you insight that you can immediately apply to your own writing.


• Traditional timelines configured as “story-wheels” for easy one-to-one comparison of theories.
Swipe left/right to cycle through the paradigms
Tap story wheel for study-guide synopsis of each paradigm.
Dimmer function (“movie theater mode”) steps down brightness with quick tap.
Note entry with Time-Stamps. Displays elapsed-time stamp in the header.
• Export notes to other applications.

What I liked the most?

  • The fact that you can set the time of the movie and follow the structure of the paradigm. This is very original and feature that can be of extreme help.

Comparing and tracking film stories is very easy and can really make a difference in anyone’s writing. Priced at only $5.99 you simply can’t find a better tool at this moment for screenwriting.



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