Rocky.Ai is an Innovative Guided Diary With Curated Content for Strengthening Your Soft Skills

Bojan Savikj
2 min readMay 12, 2020 first caught my attention with the pitch video published on
BSH Home Appliances Group youtube channel. Finally, it was released two months ago, and as expected, it is currently one of the best personal development apps.

Simple Intro

At its core Rocky is a guided leadership journaling, or as the creators say, it’s like having a personal coach in your pocket.

With their AI and personalized content you can answer leadership coaching questions daily to structure and self reflect on your day, make use of curated tips, learn best practices, practice daily habit building, and get motivational quotes.

Specific features I liked

  • guided reflection with coaching questions (the app learns and adjusts to your interests)
  • helps develop soft skills with variety of tips and content
  • everything is based on custom personal growth goals
  • there are AI powered guided chats with coaching questions that you can add to your diary
  • You can use the app to plan your days and focus in the morning, and reflect on the outcomes and learning in the evening.

To put it simple, the app will serve as your personal coach and keep you motivated to strengthen your soft skills and improve your personal skills. This makes it perfect for entrepreneurs, managers, or anyone who is motivated to improve and succeed.

You can try Rocky for free on iOS and Android and learn more about it from the video below or their official website.



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